Better Than Your Hand -- Nothosaur Stroker FAQ


Q: What's a male sex toy? 
A: A true sex toy for men is a gender-specific instrument designed to generate sexual arousal and pleasure based on the unique properties of the male anatomy. The sex toy market is full of options that stimulate the penis and prostate gland. Men no longer need to use their bare hands. 

Q: Why use a male sex toy? 
A: It Increases your orgasmic potential, Can aid with stamina improvements; It can also promote romantic connections with your partner; And you can even allow for a lazy and relaxing climax. 

Q: What's a Stroker? 
A: Strokers are also known as “sleeves”, “pocket pussies” and “male masturbators,” They can be used to complete masturbation games; Enhance your sexual sensation by stimulating the shaft, glans, and testicles. Strokers come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials. Some are soft, some are hard. Some cover the penis, others are open-ended. Some feel like a real vagina, bum, or mouth. etc 

Q: How does Stroker work? 
A: First, lube your stroker and the penis (use a water-based lube since silicone lubes can harm silicone toys after extensive use), then slowly insert your penis and stroke up and down with your stroker toy. 

Q: How to choose a Stroker? 
A: There are many different types of strokers out there to please every penis. Most every stroker features a textured interior. And some cover the penis, others are open-ended. Covered allows the head of your penis to feel the quick strokes on the inside while thrusting; while open ones allow for the pleasure of experiencing overall penetration. The fantasy stroker currently on the market is usually only available in one size. So we recommend focusing on the internal texture when choosing a stroker; as well as choosing covered or open depending on your preference.

Q: Why choose Nothosaur Stroker? 
A: Nothosaur's stroker has a special interior texture, some bumps and lumps will stimulate the shaft and penis as you stroke up and down. The textures are printed on Soft Platinum silicone, allowing you to squeeze as you stroke and experience these textures as gently or as deeply and intimately as possible. 

Q: Does the Nothosaur Stroker feel real? 
A: Absolutely. The Nothosaur stroker has a more realistic appearance and feel. An impeccable setting and character, letting you experience the Nothosaur Mainland fantasy coming true. Combined with lube and textured interior, they do feel like the real thing. 

Q: How to clean a Stroker? 
A: First, you can use quick water to flush it, washing out any seminal fluid that has collected inside the stroker's inner channel. After cleansing the inside and outside of your sleeve with water, you can apply antibacterial soap and warm water for double cleaning. You can squish the outside of the sleeve, working the foam toy cleaner deeper into the inner channel using a squeeze and pull motion. Massage the foam into your stroker toy, then flush it with water, until there are no more residual bubbles or soapy remaining. Finally dry with a clean towel; Make sure your toy eventually stays dry to store it


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