Nothosaur Guide to Flops


Imperfections (we called 'flops') happen all the time as an inevitable part of the purely handcrafting toys. We will come with a discount to compensate for its little imperfection. Common causes for a flop include (but are not limited to)…

Flop Type Display
Air Bubbles
Color Spots

Air Bubbles are little craters that happen when the silicone pushes the air to the corners of the mold when it’s poured in.

Color Spots are small specks of pigment that haven’t quite mixed in. Just superficial cosmetic flaws.

Nicks are small cuts in the silicone that happen when the toy is stuck in the mold or if there’s a snafu in trimming the excess. Be careful not to overly strain your toy to avoid stretching the nick into a tear!

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