Nothosaur Mainland


ūüŹĖÔłŹWelcome to Nothosaur MainlandūüĆī

It exists at the boundary between the human dreamland and the fourth world.
The paradise of sex, the sanctuary of freedom.
The wondrous desires of mankind fell into the Nothosaur Mainland, and all fantasy became true.
Enter through the Nothosaur Stonehenge.


Area: Nothosaur Stonehenge
Humanity's gateway to the Nothosaur Mainland.
All humans who seek pleasure and sex will be sent here by Nothosaur Stonehenge. A fantasy world that exists in the dream and the fourth world!
Near Nothosaur Stonehenge, the Fate Spring is on sale.
This is a convenient place for those who are new to the Nothosaur Mainland.
Not sure which character to meet? Or which toys to try first? Leaving it to the Fate Spring!!! Mystery Box appears! 
Character: Mystery Box 
Area: Wind-Sing Valley
The Wind-Sing Valley is a fairy forest where the sea breeze sings praises in the valley.
Beautiful and beautiful elves live here.
The castle is towering, and the valley is leisurely.
The elves invited their friends to their prom with fabulous music. Their cypress dim sum and drunken wine are just for you. OPALEYE adds a rainbow to the dance party, and CRABOO greets guests by the coast...
Area: Opatra Desert
The Optra Desert is a horrible waterless desert, a gold treasure burial place.
The bones are buried under the sand, and high temperature and fiery are the eternal themes.
Creatures of the Opatra desert are violent and wanton, Giant insects fly and rise under the gravel, poisonous scorpions ambushed in the quiet night...
But there is a fanatical Colosseum, and there are many exotic civilization ruins with strong exotic flavors... 
Area: Flame-Dance Volcano
The land of the phoenix nirvana. The dragon's aura gathers all year round.
The magma is constantly boiling and rolling in Flame-Dance Volcano. The lava here is like a beating heart forever boiling and rolling.
Dragons live here. including the dominator of Fire and Heat - YANSVN. He is the master of forging major spiritual weapons.
It used the Flame-Dance Volcano as a platform and the Phoenix Karst as a furnace to create one magical artifact.
Sneak and you reveal: YANSVN is also an exciting guy; maybe it will build an heirloom for you ~ 
Character: YANSVN, MAKPUS 
Area: Brooke Grassland
Forever Spring Dawn, green and lush beast paradise.
Brooke Grassland is a flat grassland.
CONOLA likes to gallop and run play here with abandon. The 99 lambs of the Aries glow in the sun.
IPONY love to hug humans passing by, and not let them go.
Pink fireworks in full bloom? Oh, AVOYO is having a pink party again.
Let's go check it together! 
Character: CONOLA, IPONY, AVOYO, Aries
Area: Awakening Sea
The temple of Cthulhu.
In the ancient lost temple of the Awakening Sea lies the slumbering god, the "Great Cthulhu".
Cthulhu's sons and daughters were born in the Awakening Sea, guarding the ocean's secrets.
The Great Cthulhu's greatest goal is to welcome the awakening of Cthulhu and to guard this place.
Are you also a follower of our Great Cthulhu? 
Character: ABYSS, ABYSSⅡ
Area: Infatuation Harbor
Infatuation Harbor wafts the elves' mournful song.
Her voice is still retaining the elf's radiance. But sadness keeps slapping on the reef. A light touch will break, fragile and gorgeous.
If you know the elven language, then you can also hear the story about her past with him in the lyrics.
"Ah~~ the sea breeze of betrays...."
Character: AGNME
Area: Daimon Castle
Witches and demons live at Daimon Castle for a long time.
Broken petals and corrupted souls are all over the Daimon Castle land.
Green leaves cannot grow here, and the old dead vines are the proud work of the owner of this piece.
The Castle welcomes every Dark Human Being.
Character: MEPHISTO
Area: Nether-Realm Crack
The land connected to the Underworld.
In the rift of the Nether-Realm Crack resides the famous dragon of the Nothosaur Mainland - MEO.
It travels between the real world and the underworld. It carries the heavy responsibility of crossing all things in the world, the soul of the past and the future.
Death and Rebirth are coiled in him, and the power of darkness and light is deposited in him.
Area: Seven-Star BambooForest.
Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, the Sun, and the Moon are collectively known as the Seven Obsidians. These seven stars descended on the Nothosaur Mainland in the form of seven species of animals, and their habitat was called the Seven-Star BambooForest.
These seven magical animals are here to get rid of the sins in their heart. Arrogance, Greed, Lust, Jealousy, Gluttony, Anger, and Sloth.
Area: Storm Nebula
During the Phoenix Nirvana War, the powerful chaos caused the nebula on the Nothosaur Mainland to collide and explode.
The constellations were born into the Nothosaur Mainland.
The twelve constellations were born with different personalities. Each is a shining star in the Nothosaur Mainland.
Which one would you like?
Area: Frozen Icefield
Frozen Icefield is a frozen land.
A stage for the celebration of ice and snow. The Frozen Icefield is a paradise for those who love snow and ice.
You can make delicious T ice cream with QALU. You can sleigh and fish with TORBEN~~
Character: QALU
Area: Howling Jungle 
The largest forest on the Nothosaur Mainland.
Howling is always there, and the excitement is always there.
It is a place where everything comes to life and strange plants are coiled.
It is a paradise for lovers of deep forest adventure. 
GRAEMEN and FAMARIO guard Howling Jungle together. If you want to enter this forest, you can seek their escort.
Area: Darkstream Dungeon
The land of Gnomes and Insects.
Wonderful creatures grow here in the Darkstream Dungeon.
GOBLIN live with OGG in the Darkstream Dungeon.
GOBLIN helps OGG reproduction. And OGG provides GOBLIN with self mucus.
GOBLIN produced a famous lubricant by using it.
For more surprises, please explore the Darkstream Dungeon. 
Area: Demon Orchard
LADON'S TONGUE guards the place of Demon Orchard. But accidentally brought up the plant fruit flourishing scene.
Nothosaur Mainland popular ultra-high attraction, A lot of traffic and people here with flourishing lavender fields. It is the most livable city for human beings.
A must-see on the Nothosaur Mainland! Come and check it out! 
Area: Ender Mechacity
The lost city of Cyber.
Machinery is broken here - technology is here to live
Ender Mechacity is a crazy mechanical city with steel towers.
Organisms wear novel accessories on the road, unique shaped cars and aircraft.
Steel is the best material in this city.
If you are interested in novel technology, Ender Mechacity is your paradise.

ūüŹĖÔłŹWelcome to the Nothosaur Mainland. Have fun!

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