What is Grinder


🌹What is Grinder?

The Grinder is the external stimulation of a non-vibrator sex toy, and if you're someone who enjoys having sex on pillows or objects, the Grinder is worth leaping onto.
It's like masturbators, the principle of Grinder is to build toward orgasm from rubbing off.
There are many designs of silicone grinders, which are Soft textured with a unique texture, when they work, these textured details will rub and stimulate your body, and rubbing these parts will give you a pleasant feeling.

🌹Where to use?

They could be used anywhere you want, and they could be used to stimulate nipples, the perineum (where nerve endings are located, inside the penis and clitoris), and external genitalia.

Types of Grinder
1. Cushions
2. Grinders
3. Penetrable grinders
4. Grinding pads
5. Grinders with rings

🌹How to use?

1. Put the grinder on the pillow or any place that could be ridden on it, and straddle it to stimulate the vulva orpenis
2. Could be used with vibrating toys
3. For small grinders, cover it over your vulva (or penis), hold the grinder with your hand, and rub it.
4. could put the grinder between your partner's and your own genitals and rub between your partner's genitals.
5. For grinding beds or large grinders, it can be bent and used

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