♈Aries - Green & Red
♈Appearance Design: The overall shape of Aries is more like a sculpture, which can be seen as two deities embedded in the product. Different from other products, the top of Aries is full of concave and convex textures, and the...
from $59.99
♉️Taurus - Gladiator Gold
♉️The desire for wealth and sex is often similar. TAURUS is a money-loving sign that flaunts wealth even when it comes to sex. The huge coronal head has a primitive rough feeling, and with the support of multiple piercing rings,...
from $49.99
♏️Scorpio - Purple
♏️Design inspirationThe design inspiration is located in the eighth constellation of the zodiac - Scorpio which is taken from the characteristics and shape of the constellation itself, and the constellation symbol of Scorpio is retained at the head and tail....
from $69.99
♋️CRABOO - High-tide Red
♋️Appearance Design:CRABOO -- Cancer zodiac sign is the fourth sign of the zodiac (June 21–July 21).Featuring two crab's pincers contoured shafts, angled specifically for double entry, the CRABOO positions a larger and much thicker shaft in front with a sleeker...
from $49.99
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