Appearance design:Thoughtfully designed with an upturned tip, rounded ridges, and an incredible bulge knot. Note when purchasing:The color ofĀ Glow in the darkĀ cannot be customized temporarily, only the fixed color in the picture, please purchase with caution, thank you.
from $69.99
CONOLA + TUBE - Red and Black
Appearance Design:CONOLA is a fantastic toy for beginners and experienced users. A flared head brings you some kind of difficulty from the start. Once inside, you must be amazed by its impressive girth and length. As you go deeper, you...
from $89.99
AVOYO + TUBE - Red and Black
Appearance Design:AVOYO is inspired by the horses. Strong and challenging. It has a beautiful flared head and is slightly raised, it definitely brings you more freshness and stimulation. As you go deeper, you can feel its meridians bulging with excitement....
from $159.99
AGNME + TUBE - Blue & White
Appearance Design The inspiration for the deep-sea fascinating design comes from the ancient Chinese "mermaid". Considered a legendary aquatic creature, mermaids usually look like the upper body or human head, with a fish tail on the lower body. Deep sea...
from $79.99
NECRONS + TUBE - Blue & Black
Special designThe NECRONS is a lone traveler in the steel world. Widespread computerized information covers the world. Extensive use of invasive body modification techniques has created the Imperial City. Highly developed technological civilization, fragile and small individual human animals, at...
from $99.99
FAXI + TUBE - Red and Black
Appearance Designļ¼šStart with the pronounced, flared tip, shivering with excitement as you grind deeper into the rubbing of its armor. Just when you thought it was the end, FAXI will give you another shiver with a thick bulbous knot, and...
from $79.99
Design InspirationThe design inspiration of Stormstout comes from the neutral hero in the tavern in Warcraft 3 - Chen Stormstout, whose profession is Panda Brewmaster.Appearance DesignStormstout is round and resembles a human, which is a small dessert that tempts you...
from $79.99