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Area: Ender Mechacity
In the Ender Mechacity on the desert side of the Nothosaur Mainland, there is a group of crazy mechanical enthusiasts known far and wide.
They are tired of the frailty and limitations that come with the physical body. They praise and righteously choose prosthetic bodies and electronic implants.
They are determined to personally advance the evolution of biology and create the miracle of carbon-based organisms themselves. They believe that machinery can bring more than perfect excitement to the Nothosaur world!

Their first step was the perfect mechanization of an important sexual tool - the penis. The project is named Evolution A.
A tall and brave beast (horse) crazy inventor to bear the brunt of the plan, in the steam roar, parts clash, the sound of electricity collision of the Ender Mechacity, the plan succeeded.
Perfect new technology and primitive desire of the mechanical penis appeared. The mad inventor gave himself and the new mechanical penis a new name to commemorate this success - Evolution A.

The cold metal meets the hot blood, creating the extraordinary Evolution A.
Its penis has a more technological aesthetic with its hard metal characteristics.
The intricate distribution of lines and the fusion of flesh and blood attract people to get to know it better.
Only those who actually touch it can enjoy its wonders. The mechanical pump assists in the thrusts, which are unmatched by the powerful blasts.
The thrusts are violent, each one hitting the point of climax...
The hot white fluid spurting out at the peak pushes the orgasm forward again.

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