Fireball Red
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Area: Flame-Dance Volcano
Firoll is studying with the ruler of fire-heat - YANSVN, and aspires to become a master forging magic weapons like YANSVN.
Has an inextinguishable burning tail.
However, it is still young and can only help YANSVN to heat the magma.
Firoll was born in Flame-Dance Volcano, and naturally likes hot things. Its favorite places are the Opatra Desert, Ender Mechacity, and Flame-Dance Volcano.
Firoll also often has BBQs with friends.
"Firoll, increase the firepower!"  "Okay!"
"Nice job, little guy"
Hearing praise, its tail will be happy to wag ~
Firoll is also often happy to hear compliments about sex~
Its fiery little tail is very popular. The fiery irregular end is warm and irritating when inserted into the pussy.
The middle of the tail is smooth and soft. The inner flame end between the thrusts stimulates the inside frantically, making you fiery and cheerful.
Let the Firoll burn your cave.

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