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Area: Darkstream Dungeon
GOBLIN living on the Nothosaur Mainland are humanoid creatures with long pointed ears, hawk noses, and goldfish eyes.
They mainly live in the Darkstream Dungeon of the central sea caves, with a unique order of action and system.
GOBLIN's cultural development is not high, and their combat ability is weak, but they often act in groups to make up for their shortcomings.
They are greedy, evil, cunning, and good at deception.
Like other Nothosaur creatures, GOBLIN has an extraordinary desire and desire for sex. In order to reproduce and develop their race, they have evolved a penis that is as voracious as their cunning character.
The huge humanoid glans make people gasp as it breaks through the hole, the most wonderful central, strong muscular surface is a layer of numbing irregularities such as sandy ground bump. This is their "trap" to make the coerced want to escape but are fascinated by the wonderful penis, fall... The full balls are rich in semen, like to "share" the GOBLIN like to "share" their prey, to climax, white liquid overflowing pussy, I believe you have become their breeding ground ...

GOBLIN also cooperates with the OVOMORPH that live in the Darkstream Dungeon.
The GOBLIN brings parasitic creatures to the OVOMORPH to help them reproduce. (This creature may have been given to the GOBLIN in advance for trial!!)
In return, the OVOMORPH regularly provides the GOBLIN with self-secreted, highly pure mucus with strong aphrodisiacs and hallucinogens.
The GOBLIN use their mucus to make a super popular "lube" that has not yet appeared on the Nothosaur Mainland!
The high purity of the lube is amazing, but also comes with an aphrodisiac effect that can greatly increase the excitement and arousal of sexes.