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Area: Opatra Desert
Nothosaur Oriental visionary masterpiece, a book called “Classic of Mountains and Seas” left behind by mankind emits an eerie light.
This book, which records more than 5,300 mountains, 250 rivers, 120 animal species, and 50 plant species, breaks apart, tears, and is reborn.
In the midst of the seven-colored light, spirits, monsters, and exotic beasts were born and scattered all over the Nothosaur Mainland.
HUNDOO is one of these beasts.
HUNDOO is like a giant dog, with six strong feet, two pairs of wings, and a dog's tail. It has no five senses, no orifices, no eyes, no sharp ears, and no nose to distinguish smells. Only a head like a Chomper flower fierce beast with a huge mouth. Is connected to the HUNDOO's warm throat.
It dances through the desert, toying with the passing travelers.

HUNDOO has uneven and rough skin, which makes it easy for it to roam the sand and gravel of the Opatra Desert.
Although no five senses, he has a very keen sense of touch. Through the instantaneous movement conveyed between the gravel, HUNDOO will immediately strike at the prey of interest.
The sand rose up, and in the wind and dust was a monster with a horrible mouth! Its head is crisscrossed with seven fleshy flaps of dense, sharp teeth. In the middle of the flesh flaps is a black but constantly moving intestine!
It went towards the prey's fresh rod! When the prey is desperate to meet death, the warmth from the fresh rod is disorienting.
The maw of HUNDOO is devouring the fresh rod with "ferocity"!
Inside the rough skin was such a soft, moist, warm flesh!
HUNDOO will only leave when it has drawn the white liquid from the hot yellow sand.
HUNDOO has no yin and yang, no good and evil, no eyes to judge people by their appearance, no ears to follow rumors, no sense of smell to know the good and bad of the environment.
Relying on the innate sense of communicating This is his way.

Note: Due to the characteristics of the toy; HUNDOO can customize Solid color and Covered color.
Note: Due to the characteristics of the toy; HUNDOO can customize Solid color and Covered color.

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