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Area: Opatra Desert

"If danger appears, we will guard the desert with our life".
The Molo has been growing in the Opatra Desert for generations, a race favored by the desert gods, and maintaining the peace of the desert is their awareness engraved in their genes.

If you see a beautiful white spirit on the dead wood of the Opatra Desert, it is Molo.
For a long time, Molo was considered a gift from the gods of the desert.
He brought good omens to the clan, teaching them to build stable living places, spray their bodies with toxin skills to protect themselves, change their skin color in conjunction with the environment, and guide them to find clean water.
His word is the equivalent of an oracle.
He will be the family's next leader, inheriting his father's handsome stature and good looks and introspection from his mother.
His skin is a rare white translucent scale armor. Like a layer of the veil.
That rounded penis head is waiting for an entire jet.
The head of the glans is followed by a strikingly frictional shaft! That is the unique ribbed texture of the lizard family, scattered with scales and bumps.
Then the pleasure of the Molo friction will take you to faster and dreamier places. At the end are the sexually mature twin balls, yellow as juicy oranges that come out when you bite them. 
Molo is skilled in toxin injection techniques and camouflage.
No one can identify where he is as his camouflage technique is displayed.
Molo and his people use these techniques to guard this desert.

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