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AGNME with Cum Tube

Area: Infatuation Harbor
AGNME was originally an elegant elf who sang in the Wind-Sing Valley
After being seduced by demons and falling off a cliff, the Fallen chanted lamentations all day long and the seductive mermaid siren. 
He is a human on the upper part and a fishtail on the lower body—the scales on his body sparkle in the lamp of a boat or the moonlight. 
AGNME has a cold, poignant exterior, and the gray-blue eyes are full of sadness. It is always unbearably loving. 
He has a mournful and moving voice; if you know their language, you can still hear the lyrics about his past. 
AGNME has a wave-like delicate penis. He seduced the crew and travelers with his beauty and singing and used his considerable weapons to demand warmth and impact. He wrapped his massive fishtail around each other and slowly probed out the rounded dildo. 
The excellent curvature after insertion is even more exciting. 
The onslaught was as ferocious as the waves, the seduced, the bullying crew, and the travelers were fascinated by him, obsessed with following. 
Only warm erotic fluids could temporarily fill AGNME's empty heart.

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