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GRAEMEN with Cum Tube

Area: Howling Jungle
The largest forest on the Nothosaur Mainland - Howling Jungle. It is a vibrant place, where everything is growing and strange plants are coiled.
It is a paradise for lovers of deep forest exploration.
GRAEMEN and FAMARIO are the best partners to protect the peace of Howling Jungle.
There are often travelers or adventurers who are entangled by various plants and animals and cannot get out of the Howling Jungle. Whenever this time, the GRAEMEN and FAMARIO will appear to give them a solution to their problems.

The GRAEMEN was born alone but kept looking for the destined "friend".
It runs fast through the woods to feel the speed of the wind. It surprises its friends quietly by making exquisite handmade wooden behind the wooden house.
It likes to tease the unlucky guy he has just rescued with his proud weapon.
The GRAEMEN's penis combines human and wolf genes, displaying an extraordinary and powerful, ambitious look.
The triangular, rounded head of the penis is like the personality of a wolf, easy to approach and attractive.
The middle muscles are not straight but have a beautiful curve that makes them more robust.
The most surprising thing is the two smooth and prominent knots, which are more exciting from the canine "clasp".
The last thing is the two huge testicles in the wolf's fur that people can't take their eyes off, round and full, full of desire for you.

The GRAEMEN's powerful penis and sexual ability are breathtaking, and its "bonding ritual" with humans is also fascinating.
The "bonding ritual" takes place between the wolf and the one who is destined for him.
When the GRAEMEN and the human have intercourse to the climax point, if there is a psychic connection and soul resonance, it means that the rare "bonding ceremony" is completed.
It is a kind of soul-penetrating as if Adam found Eve's touching power at that moment.
Once the ritual is completed, it will regard the other party as its lifelong companion and follow it around and do as it is told (as long as he does not violate the natural precepts of the wolf race) until the end of human life.
After successful befriending, the GRAEMEN will crouch down in front of you and let out a low growl from its throat as if he is reading some kind of contract, then it will tilt its head and expose its most weakest point - its throat - to you and let you reach out and touch its Adam's apple.
When such a mighty creature crouches so meekly in front of you, puts their lives in your hands, and trusts you wholeheartedly, I believe you will be moved by it.
Will you be its "befriending" one?

Appearance design:
Thoughtfully designed with an upturned tip, rounded ridges, and an incredible bulge knot.

Appearance design:
Thoughtfully designed with an upturned tip, rounded ridges, and an incredible bulge knot.

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