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Area: Ender Mechacity
Trick: Bionic pleasure
Ethnicity: Orcs
Does NECRONS dream of rainbows?

One day, a giant mechanical horse "statue" appeared inexplicably in Ender Mechacity, which made all the major inventors scratch their heads in confusion.
This mechanical horse has perfect details, every joint and every part of the robust muscles actually look so vivid under the interpretation of steel pipes.
Even its two hind legs between the stuff are also so exquisite.
Everyone was amazed at the craftsmanship of its appearance, and even the crowd stopped to admire it and gave it a name - NECRONS.
But no one knows the name of the maker, what the purpose of the machine is here, and how to make it work.
There are hundreds of machines in the city, but what is the use of such an elaborate but non-functional mechanical horse?

The "statue" can only be moved to the western ruined city of Ender Mechacity.
As time went by, rain and sunlight repeatedly washed away the surface of the NECRONS, and acid rain dripped into the pipes and eroded them.
The originally exquisite and lustrous NECRONS gradually became indistinguishable from the surrounding scrap metal.
In the rainstorm, it finally broke down and fell apart, and its lightless eyes were buried in the rusty iron.
After the storm, the clouds cleared, the sun shone, and a strange rainbow appeared in the perennially gray and foggy Ender Mechacity.
People talk about this, found a cloud of rusty broken copper between the rainbow in the cohesion in the reconstruction in the rebirth...
[It's the NECRONS!]
After the rainbow disappeared, the people found in the ruins the creature-like and mechanical NECRONS.
It is a thinking and living mechanical horse of high technology. The case of new technology never seen before shone with rainbow light.
The bright eyes are full of doubts and curiosity about the world.
Although with doubts, Frankenstein people quickly accepted this alien horse.
They taught NECRONS various racial cultures, food, and sex.
Even before that, NECRONS were interested in sex. After its transformation, NECRONS cock was even more attractive.
The pentagonal shape of the head is mechanical, but the penetration is soft and strong, and the breakthrough is very strong.
Below the head is perfect mechanical detail, with symmetrical tube-shaped veins that seem to swell. The muscular tissue of the back flesh and the mechanical blend elaborate the contradiction between outside and inside, steel and flesh, past and future, reality and illusion.
The pleasure between thrusts will make each other forget these contradictions and the unknown.
Enjoying the true love of the moment is the important thing.

Special design
The NECRONS is a lone traveler in the steel world. Widespread computerized information covers the world. Extensive use of invasive body modificati