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Area: Darkstream Dungeon
The ZERGER retains the form of a deep-space wormhole creature, with a solidly muscled middle section that can lunge with maximum force when it finds its host.
Its multiple feet are spread out like spines on the sides, holding onto the host's flesh after it lunges.
When the host did not know what to do, Zeg faced the flesh hole and began to penetrate and attack. Its four-petaled head with tooth spacing opened and trembled slightly, salivating with mucus towards the flesh hole.
The four-petal head with tooth pitch looks sharp, but it is soft. When it enters the flesh hole, the four petals open in unison, stimulating the inner skin.
While the host is enjoying, ZERGER has quietly pushed the fertilized egg-generating into a chrysalis forward...
The head of the four flaps contracted slightly, and then the fertilized eggs flooded into the host's flesh cavity as the four flaps opened.
A momentary sensation of excitement washed over the host's brain, the pleasure of being parasitized.
Come, become ZERGER's seedbed of parasitism.

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