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Area: Infatuation Harbor
The Storm Nebula of the Nothosaur Mainland collided and exploded due to the chaos of the magical energy.
As a result, the twelve zodiac signs are born and land on the Nothosaur Mainland.
Capricorn: December 22 - January 19
Capricorn: Practical
Capricorn's head resembles a gazelle, and the body and the base look like a fish.
Capricorn lives along the Wind-Singing Valley and Infatuation Harbor.
A symbol of creativity, music, poetry, and sexuality, he is a seductive presence in the river.
He loves performing with Agnme the languid lamentation, the elven language of the sultry, and the sadness with the accompaniment in the Wind-Sing Valley...
In terms of appearance, the horn from tip to base, front to back, or the fishtail with scales at the base provides excellent sensory stimulation.
His droplet head reduces the difficulty of entry, and the middle section has a gentle knot, the second half of the push-in; the base scales and water drops are deliberately left to your care.
Balancing the ideal and reality, he thinks a lot, but what he wants is very simple. Sensible and transparent, tenderness is always hidden.